Purchasing a Murfreesboro mini farm can be a good investment in many ways. Buyers that have always wanted a home where they can have horses or want to try their hand at raising livestock can do so by choosing a mini farm. They are not as expensive as buying hundreds of acres before deciding if this is something they want to do. The maintenance of a mini farm is not as costly and this can be a major consideration for beginners. A Murfreesboro mini farm under 15 acres can be the perfect size and often they qualify for 100% financing through federal rural development.

If 15 acres is still a little too large, there are mini farms available with less acreage. The purchase of a Murfreesboro mini farm of approximately 6 acres could be the answer. With 5 acres fenced for the horses or other animals and another acre for the home, this can be the perfect size. There are several that are available with outbuildings for equipment that are supplied with water and electricity. In addition, the mini farm can have a home with enough space for a family. Many are three-bedroom or more with all the amenities expected from a home, such as a two-car garage, fireplaces, patios and more. Located near excellent schools, the mini farms can be a great choice for families that want to enjoy the equestrian lifestyle.

The city of Murfreesboro was ranked 84th out of 745 cities with a population over 50,000 as “Best Place to Live in the United States” in 2006 by Money Magazine. Choosing this city in which to live will allow residents the opportunity to enjoy numerous advantages. As the county seat of Rutherford County, Tennessee with a population of 108,755, Murfreesboro is one of the fastest growing areas within the state. The proximity to Nashville – only 35 miles to the northwest – enhances the possibilities.

Choosing a 10- to 15-acre Murfreesboro mini farm is an option for those who want to keep several horses. There are farms that include large barns with a number of stalls and an outdoor riding ring. Ponds and fenced acreage as well as a large home in the midst of this growing area can be exactly what is desired.

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